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2020 Science and Technology Progress Award of CPCIF for ARP TECHNOLOGIES (SUZHOU) CO., LTD.

Congratulations to Arp for winning the 2nd Prize of 2020 Science and Technology Progress Award of CPCIF.image.png


On Nov. 25, 2020, the program, “key technology and application of accurate, intelligent and efficient rod type curing press”, jointly reported by Arp and Soochow University, won the 2nd Prize of 2020 Science and Technology Progress Award of CPCIF, as reviewed and picked up by CPCIF panels.


As a key technology in the petroleum and chemical industry, the intelligent rod type hydraulic press, co-researched by Arp and Soochow University, focuses on structure design, portability, energy conservation and targeted control. It can load/unload and be adjusted with self-adaption, and be maintained intelligently, leading to higher accuracy, conservation and intelligence, which satisfies the demands of both domestic and global tire curing companies. Being a leader at home, it also achieves greatly in self-adapting mold adjustment and precise hydraulic servo control globally.


On Dec. 24, 2020, the award was presented by president and vice president of CPCIF and academicians from Fudan University, ZJUT and ECUST in the Petroleum and Chemical Technology Innovation Conference, attended by over 400 representatives from major industrial enterprises, researching institutions, universities and media.


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