The 4th Generation of SinoArp Hydraulic Curing Press: An “Innovative Product” in Rubber Plastic Machinery in China

On Dec. 20, 2020, the outcome of the “High Quality and Innovative Products in Rubber Plastic Machinery of China” has finally come to light. This activity is jointly initiated by evaluation agencies for high-quality and innovative products of rubber plastic machinery, namely, National Rubber and Plastic Design Technology Center, National Rubber Machinery Information Center and the periodical office of  Rubber Plastic Technology and Equipment.image.png


   GEN IV dual rod hydraulic curing press with self-adjustment molds, has won the title of “Innovative Product” of rubber plastic machinery and its supporting industries , after all phases of this evolution, including application, being inspected and scored, comprehensive assessment, as well as publicity.


 It is developed on the basis of comparative strengths of all the curing presses worldwide, which has applied for 7 national patents and 2 PCT International invention patents. The main structure of dual rods and swinging arm PCI have acquired utility model patent. It is in the advanced international level, as appraised by Jiangsu machinery industry association.image.png


Main Features:


1 for Tires with Wide Spectrum

2 Concise and Reliable

3 Lasting High Accuracy (no force on the column)

   4 Independent L/R Mold

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