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Hybrid Curing Press

Hybrid Curing Press

Introduction of the Press Structure:

Mold opening/closing system adopts driving mode of traditional mechanical curing press' motor, reducer, crank gear, side link and beam. In order to lower press height, tilt-back open/close mold system is still adopted. Loader' up/down and in/out motion is realized with air cylinder. Unloader, top/bottom ring of center mechanism and SMO are actuated with oil cylinder. Stop position of top ring is controlled by linear displacement transducer. Only one motor and one pump are needed for HPU oil tank. The structure is simple and easy for operation.

Main Advantages:

  • Spacer of center mechanism for shaping is unnecessary. Position of top ring can be set directly on HMI, and positioning accuracy is high.

  • It' easy to control and adjust amount and speed of the force applied.

  • Hydraulic part and internal pressure part of center mechanism are completely independent from each other. Service life of internal pressure seal ring is prolonged.

  • Service life of oil cylinder is longer than that of water cylinder, which reduces maintenance frequency.

  • Model of the press we've produced: 45"and 69

Specification Data of Hybrid Curing Press 

No.TypeLLH-B1145X1750X2 LLH-B1750X5500X2
1Moving type mold open/closeTilt-backTilt-back
2Heating deviceplatenplaten
3Q'TY of  cavity2 pcs2 pcs
4Cavity heat shield I.DΦ1145 mmΦ1750 mm
5Max.squeezing force1750 kN/Cavity5500 kN/Cavity
6Mold height300-460 mm320-650 mm
7Max weight of top mold2500 kg/Cavity6500 kg/Cavity
8Type of center mechanismBOMBOM
9Power of center mechanismOil cylinderOil cylinder
12Tire dataBead diameter14-20 inch14-20 inch
13Max. tire O.D Φ850 mmΦ1352 mm
14Max.tire width330 mm530 mm
15Max. green tire O.DΦ750 mmΦ1200 mm
16Min. green tire Height500 mm450 mm
17Main Motor Power15 kw22 kw
18Max. external pressure1.4 Mpa1.4 Mpa
19Max. internal pressure2.8 Mpa2.8 Mpa
20Power water pressureNot Not 
21Power air pressure0.7 Mpa0.7 Mpa
22Control air pressure0.35 Mpa0.35 Mpa
23Oil pressure12.5 Mpa16 Mpa